From Information to Transformation

Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education by Tobin HartThis book is about remembering what matters in education and in life. In many ways, it concerns who we are and how we know. Drawing largely from the wisdom traditions, transpersonal psychology, and pedagogy, a map of the depths of knowing and learning is constructed that unfolds through six interrelated layers: information, knowledge, intelligence, understanding, wisdom, and transformation. This provides both a process and a direction for education; students and teachers can engage these layers in a single moment or over the course of an assignment.

Entering into these depths offers an education that is both practical and remarkable, one that replaces radical disconnection with radical amazement. It includes the education of the mind and the heart, balances intuition with the analytic, and mastery with mystery, emphasizes community, character and creativity, and cultivates wisdom over the mere accumulation of facts.

Chapters include:

  • The Currency of Information
  • The Pattern of Knowledge
  • The Power of Intelligence
  • The Heart of Understanding
  • The Eye of Wisdom
  • The Process and Paradox of Transformation


“Important,” “inspiring,” “brims over with wisdom and mature spiritual and psychological insight”… “The book draws upon a wide range of thinking from fields spanning pedagogy, philosophy, art, consciousness studies, transpersonal psychology, and the wisdom traditions It will at some point surely become an educational classic… it is years ahead of its time.”

Richard House, Ph.D.