Janna Cordeiro, M.P.H.

Janna currently coordinates all special projects for the California Breast Cancer Research Program, a state-funded foundation which has granted over $150 million for breast cancer research. In this capacity, she oversees the short and long-term priority-setting process, a multi-dimensional evaluation of the California Breast Cancer Research Program’s funding efforts, and other projects including special outreach initiatives, scholarships, and fundraising. Prior to working in the breast cancer field, Janna conducted HIV prevention evaluations, community-based women’s health research, and founded a comprehensive HIV prevention program for at risk women in Vermont. She has worked as a volunteer, board member, and consultant for several non-profit organizations and has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Emory University.

Janna says: “Raised in a conservative religious household, I was brought up with a very restricted understanding of spirituality. While that background provided community for my family, it was not until I was a young adult that I connected with my own sense of spirituality and purpose and reclaimed some of my own childhood. Today I am committed to helping create safe environments for children of all ages to explore and express their own ideas and experiences of spirituality. As the mother, I am grateful for the resources and community that ChildSpirit provides as I try to honor and nurture my own child’s spiritual life.”